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    Amber; Fallen Angel Siren



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    Amber; Fallen Angel Siren

    Post  :Abby:22 on Mon Mar 02, 2009 9:37 pm

    -x-Name: :Abby:22
    -x-Gender: Female

    -x-Name: Amber
    -x-Age: 13
    -x-Gender: Female
    -x-Height: 5'6
    -x-Weight: 86 Pounds
    -x-Race: Fallen Angel Siren
    -x-Hair:Whiteish Blue
    -x-Eyes: Blue
    -x-Personality: Shes a very kind fallen angel. She is part siren, and uses her voice or a flute to lure in creatures. She always takes pity on all living creatures. She is very beautiful.
    -x-Weapons: Daggers, flute
    -x-Powers: Beautiful singing that lures in all that hear. Darkness Manipulation to grasp and control others.
    -x-Companion Desc: A tiny baby dragon, that fits in the palm of her hand. She takes it everywhere. She treats it like royalty. She loves this dragon very much. It is roughly 8 months old.
    -x-History: Ambers father was a fallen angel, while her mother was a siren. Ambers mother lured in her father, but she fell for him, and they got married. Four years later Amber was born. She was part siren and part fallen angel. When she first started talking, animals and humans were lured to her beautiful voice. When Amber was about nine, her parents died while Amber was flying around. Their hut had been set on fire, and in moments it burned down. Amber saw it from the sky, and as very upset. She fell to the ground crying, and whimpering. A while later fter she was done crying, she ventured off into the forest. She found a tiny lizard like creature. Noticing its wings she found it was a baby dragon. Its size was so small that Amber knew it wouldnt survive on its own. She took it with her and ventured off again. When she was eleven, she was flying, and something hit her head. She blacked out and plunged to the ground. She woke up later on an island. She ventured and explored around it. She found a city, and has been living there. She is currently thirteen, still caring for her baby dragon.

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