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    Rules and Conditions


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    Rules and Conditions

    Post  MayorMattie on Mon Mar 02, 2009 6:35 pm

    1. ROLL PLAY - Please don't be a newb when it comes to roll play. It's anoying! And I won't put up with it.
    Being a major rpgamer I speak out for those who can't stand idiots. Please do more than 3 words in an action, have a hit line, dont have to actions per line and don't random. I don't want people going around killing people for no reason! its gay! I just wanted to make that clear because sometimes newbs ruin the game! :shock:

    2. POWERS- you are limited to two powers. Please stick with powers that suit your race. Ex: Elementalist - fire and water. (Good) Elementalist - Mind Reading and water (BAD!) You can buy extra powers with 1 furni. (no longer accepting trax!) If you want something out of your race as ur power ask permission and pay 1 furni (doesnt matter if u want it as second or third...MUST PAY)

    3. RIGHTS AND OFFICE- rights can be won over wen u get into office (council) or if u buy (1 furni/3c). Office contains : Govenor, Mayor and 6 council members... each council is from a different race. the office will meet every month or when needed to discuss changes in rules or in order to bann ppl! O_O each council gets auto rites. (unless u do something to get them deducted for a certain amount of time)

    if any qs are needed reply to this message, send a pm to me or the admin. OR ask me online!! ;] luv ya all!! [;

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